Episode 16: Justice Monday! and Cultural Appropriation

Kevin and Gerardo are back, broadcasting from the principal’s office, with new music and a new attitude! Today, on #JusticeMonday, we discuss the importance of standing up for and with our students, and check in before a week off. It is also a dangerous season: between Halloween and Thanksgiving, cultural appropriation is rife, and we attempt a useful but honest conversation about a damaging practice in far too many schools. Plus, Kevin interviews Gerardo about his participation in the New York Marathon.

Episode 15: Conference Season and Halloween!

Kevin and Gerardo drop a surprise episode on Halloween! Much to discuss, including how we best engage during the most wonderful time of the year: parent-teacher conferences. Is there a solution? What about the parents that just show up, without an appointment? Why don’t some parents attend? And what special responsibility do teachers of color have to connect with families? Plus, conscious costuming on Halloween, and showing up to do silly stuff for and with the students.