Episode 24: Survive and Commence!

The fellas are back from Chicago, all fired up and ready to go! Summer is upon us, just a few days before we cash in our overtime for the year. We discuss concluding a school year, Kev tears up about his graduating seniors, Gera complains but ultimately gets positive. Also, we shout out new Twitter followers, and talk about the incredible conference put on by the Journey for Justice Alliance. Plus, Gera is all about musicals, Kev not so much. Download and listen today!

Episode 23: Don’t Fake the Funk!

The fellas are back with a late-year episode! As teacher protests swept the country in April, the boyz were onhand to absorb the energy and bear witness to a movement of public intellectuals and allies all over the community. We break down the movement, push the envelope, and try to keep it together for the conclusion of the school year.