Hispanic Heritage, Two Halves, and Cultural Representation

Kevin and Gerardo are back with another surprise episode! In today’s platica, we are joined by student guest host Sofia, who offers her thoughts on Identity, the complexity of “Hispanic” or “LatinX” identity and this time of year, when many of us know that it is Hispanic Heritage month but few of us do more than a passing acknowledgment before getting back to “real” content. A fun and energetic episode with a rising young podcaster!

New Dope Teachers, Episode 1

Kevin and Gerardo kick off New Dope Teachers, stories of new and early-service teachers of color as they navigate all the intersections of this important work. We begin our year-long story of Ray, a first year kindergarten teacher. He discusses his Teach for America experience, the unique demands and pressures facing new teachers of color, and his care and concern for the youngsters in his charge. Listen today!

Season 3 Premiere!

The boys are back, having mastered all things audio, to welcome you all back to a new school year! We discuss tension with students, Back to School night, and the painful process of letting go of summer. We shout out Angela Watson (again), praise the gods of meal prep, and once again show the difference between friends and homies. Plus we roll out a new segment, The Block is Hot, where we answer questions, even those that no one asked us.