Episode 32: Decolonize Your AP Class!

Kevin and Gerardo welcome two dope AP teachers, Jennifer Boyle Taurman and Bram Hubbell, author and curator of the Paperless History blog. Like the civil service exams of Classical China, Advanced Placement was College Board’s effort to provide a rigorous curriculum to students who needed the challenge. The test don’t lie, they argued, and any student with a qualifying score, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic background, could earn college credits and save money. However, it has become clear that AP classes carry with them expectations and constructions of what makes a good student, what success looks like, and who is represented in the curricula. Though we mainly discuss history classes, we hope these conversations begin happening in AP courses generally. Some great laughs and insight, and Gerardo forgets what city we’re in, along with Kevin as a T-Rex.