Episode 35: Emergency Episode-The Next Movement

Kev and Gera are here with an emergency show. The Denver Classroom Teachers Association has voted overwhelmingly to strike. The ball is now in the court of Governor Jared Polis. The fellas get worked up and share their thoughts on the strike vote and its implications for our society. They get in their feelings, they ruminate on the democratic ideal and discuss the role of dissent in a vibrant and powerful democracy. This is the next movement.

Episode 34: Enough.

Kevin and Gerardo sit down to discuss current labor disputes all over the country in which teachers are involved. Denver’s teachers have 48 hours left in their current contract, and the first strike in a quarter of a century could be on the horizon. Old Kev and Old Gera welcome in two guests, Young Kev and Young Gera, and talk about the importance of standing up, even when you’re new, even when you’re scared. Plus a balanced diet of silly and somber. A lot packed into this time, this is a must-listen!

Episode 33: Restore and Renew

Happy New Year to all y’all! The fellas are back, fresh from the break, to discuss Restorative Practices. As schools attempt to move away from suspensions and other punitive responses to students’ negative behaviors, we are left with questions: how to respond? How to help keep students accountable for their behaviors? How to build community and relationships? Today we welcome you back with silliness and a frank discussion about Restorative Justice, or “RJ.” Subscribe and listen today!