Episode 39: Introducing BHOOF!

The fellas are back this week to introduce Phillip and Omar, co-hosts of the BHOOF Hip Hop podcast, and 11th graders at the Denver Center for International Studies. These young fellas have a voice and a set of opinions, and discuss Hip Hop’s Drill movement. We discuss podcasting, violence in hip-hop, Chicago, and the Boxer Rebellion. Yes, you read that correctly. Listen today!

Episode 38: A More Perfect Union?

Despite the SnowPocalypse, the fellas are back to have a conversation with Tiffany Choi, teacher at Denver East High School who is running for President of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association. As part of the Caucus of Today’s Teachers within DCTA, she has advocated for a more democratic and more justice-focused union for Denver Teachers. She describes her experiences that led her to this candidacy, including her account of a school closure, and offers a vision for a union that is focused on support and development of community schools. Subscribe and listen today!

Episode 3: Women’s History Month

In episode 3, the Freedom Speakers discuss the importance of education as the practice of freedom and Women’s History Month. In this week’s episode, Gerardo and Allison discuss the importance of Women’s History Month and all that comes with it, or should. Allison shares her experiences in the classroom, and Gerardo discusses the implications of a feminist framework of teaching. Both teacher and student discuss the importance of representation and intersectional feminism, even drawing upon the importance of Men’s History Day to strength resistance to patriarchy. Subscribe and listen today!

Access and Power

Carmen, Allison, and Gerardo are back for their second episode of the Speak Freedom! Podcast. In this episode, posted waaaay after it was recorded, the trio discusses a return from winter break, and the demands on students and teachers. We discuss access to academic support and college readiness, and the long way we all still need to go to allow all students the opportunity for success.