Episode 36: When We Fight, We Win!

The fellas are back, and it’s gettin’ real! The block is hot, with nearly 4,000 teachers taking to the streets of Denver, demanding fair pay. We try to make sense of this historical moment, one of national significance, and decompress after a full day of marching, chanting, connecting, and, for the third time since April, MCing a teacher rally on the steps of the capital. The emotion, the hope, the cautious optimism of a new moment are all on deck here. A must-listen for teachers and community members looking to debrief!

Episode 35: Emergency Episode-The Next Movement

Kev and Gera are here with an emergency show. The Denver Classroom Teachers Association has voted overwhelmingly to strike. The ball is now in the court of Governor Jared Polis. The fellas get worked up and share their thoughts on the strike vote and its implications for our society. They get in their feelings, they ruminate on the democratic ideal and discuss the role of dissent in a vibrant and powerful democracy. This is the next movement.

Episode 34: Enough.

Kevin and Gerardo sit down to discuss current labor disputes all over the country in which teachers are involved. Denver’s teachers have 48 hours left in their current contract, and the first strike in a quarter of a century could be on the horizon. Old Kev and Old Gera welcome in two guests, Young Kev and Young Gera, and talk about the importance of standing up, even when you’re new, even when you’re scared. Plus a balanced diet of silly and somber. A lot packed into this time, this is a must-listen!

Episode 33: Restore and Renew

Happy New Year to all y’all! The fellas are back, fresh from the break, to discuss Restorative Practices. As schools attempt to move away from suspensions and other punitive responses to students’ negative behaviors, we are left with questions: how to respond? How to help keep students accountable for their behaviors? How to build community and relationships? Today we welcome you back with silliness and a frank discussion about Restorative Justice, or “RJ.” Subscribe and listen today!

Episode 32: Decolonize Your AP Class!

Kevin and Gerardo welcome two dope AP teachers, Jennifer Boyle Taurman and Bram Hubbell, author and curator of the Paperless History blog. Like the civil service exams of Classical China, Advanced Placement was College Board’s effort to provide a rigorous curriculum to students who needed the challenge. The test don’t lie, they argued, and any student with a qualifying score, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic background, could earn college credits and save money. However, it has become clear that AP classes carry with them expectations and constructions of what makes a good student, what success looks like, and who is represented in the curricula. Though we mainly discuss history classes, we hope these conversations begin happening in AP courses generally. Some great laughs and insight, and Gerardo forgets what city we’re in, along with Kevin as a T-Rex.

Episode 31: If it Ain’t (That) Broke…

The fellas are back! In this episode, Kevin and Gerardo challenge the conventional wisdom that the school system is broken. As pundits, politicians, and profiteers line their pockets convincing that the public schools are in need of a total overhaul, we try to put the brakes on this gravy train and ask the question: Is the system really broken? Or is the system only a reflection of greater ills and inequities that play out in school. This is a yelling episode, be forewarned. In addition, Kevin’s complaining corner and Gerardo gets petty. All that, and breakfast.

Episode 30: Too Dope Supe?

Join Gerardo and intern Sofia as they talk with Denver Public Schools candidate for superintendant Susana Cordova. Hear her story, and the challenges and inspiration she experienced in her journey from native Spanish speaker to the highest ranking LatinX person in Denver Public Schools, and why she decided to throw her name into the hat for the vacant superintendent job in the most visible district in Colorado. Listen today!

Speak Freedom! Pilot

Welcome to the Speak Freedom Project, where teachers and students come together to discuss pedagogies of liberation! Join Allison, Carmen, and Too Dope Teachers and a Mic’s Gerardo Muñoz as they engage in rare and unfiltered discussions about how school is experienced by students and teachers alike. Speak Freedom is dedicated to education as the practice of freedom. How can school be a place where people who are not yet free may prepare for freedom? Check us out!