Season 3 Premiere!

The boys are back, having mastered all things audio, to welcome you all back to a new school year! We discuss tension with students, Back to School night, and the painful process of letting go of summer. We shout out Angela Watson (again), praise the gods of meal prep, and once again show the difference between friends and homies. Plus we roll out a new segment, The Block is Hot, where we answer questions, even those that no one asked us.

Episode 24: Survive and Commence!

The fellas are back from Chicago, all fired up and ready to go! Summer is upon us, just a few days before we cash in our overtime for the year. We discuss concluding a school year, Kev tears up about his graduating seniors, Gera complains but ultimately gets positive. Also, we shout out new Twitter followers, and talk about the incredible conference put on by the Journey for Justice Alliance. Plus, Gera is all about musicals, Kev not so much. Download and listen today!

Episode 23: Don’t Fake the Funk!

The fellas are back with a late-year episode! As teacher protests swept the country in April, the boyz were onhand to absorb the energy and bear witness to a movement of public intellectuals and allies all over the community. We break down the movement, push the envelope, and try to keep it together for the conclusion of the school year.

Episode 22: Spring Break Silliness!

Listen as Kevin and Gerardo decompress a little on the eve of Spring Break. We interrogate snow that won’t melt, puzzle over what, precisely, is a “stay-cation” and try really hard to plan for the final quarter of the school. Listen and laugh with us today!

Where the Heroes At? Black Panther and Testing Season

Kevin and Gerardo saw Black Panther and now they’re on one. It is testing season, and here is how teachers of color can support each other, support students, and do the impossible. To support and encourage our community in these trying times of accountability and pressure. Plus Gerardo learns what a true homie is.

Episode 19: New Year’s Resolutions!

Kevin and Gerardo are BACK for 2018 with our first episode of the new year. Listen as we discuss our New Year’s Justice Resolutions, what it means to be an antiracist teacher, and an emerging group of justice-oriented teachers of color in this city and beyond. Subscribe today!

Episode 18: Too Dope Students REMIXED for MLK!

Too Dope Teachers open the new year with a #JusticeMonday #MLKedition with a panel of fantastic scholar-activists from a local high school! In our first live show, thanks to the Colorado Education Association, the young activists discuss their work in the community, their struggles, and their optimism in light of Dr. King’s legacy. Don’t miss this one!

All in the Same Gang?

Kevin and Gerardo are back, and have some feelings about gang awareness professional development, particularly when presented by law enforcement. The fellas discuss holistic understanding of street organizations, their presence in schools, and the value and empathy we place on our students’ communities…as well as our own. Plus, we are approaching episode 20! Let us know how to commemorate the occasion!