Episode 9: Wu-Tang Style!

Kevin (aka Irate Observer) and Gerardo (aka Tha Hunter) host a roundtable of #TooDopeTeachers, including Smiling Prophet, Thunderous Mercenary, Expert Assassin, Queen Ill Figure, Medianoche Comandante, Erratic Criminal, and Xpert Commander to discuss the lives, experiences, and hopes of teachers of color. This one is loud, silly, powerful, and important. Plus Complaining Corner and Shout Outs.

Digital Natives

Kevin and Gerardo sit down to discuss the work of teachers with classrooms full of “digital natives.” How many conversations has your staff had about electronic devices? We have a generation of students for whom life without mobile phones, computers, and internet is a distant and foreign thing. Kevin chops it up, defining digital natives, digital pioneers, and digital dinosaurs. Which are you? How will you work to ensure that young people become responsible users of mobile devices and technology? Plus, Teachin’ Trump, Gera’s Complaining Corner, Challenge-based learning, victories, defeats, and another call to #StayDope.

The Oscar Episode!

Kevin and Gerardo are back in studio! In the spirit of the Oscars, your hosts discuss Hollywood’s portrayal of teachers of color. They count down their top five lists, discuss omissions and honorable mentions, and poke fun at some terrible version of the teacher trope in Hollywood–we’re coming after you, The Principal. The fellas even discuss their favorite White Hollywood teachers. Subscribe today!

Kickin’ ’em out!

Kevin and Gerardo introduce their new segment, “Teachin’ Trump!” to help teachers navigate recent moves by the Trump Administration, including the confirmation hearings for Betsy DeVos, as well as executive orders regarding immigration, both of which impact our students. Plus, a conversation on how to avoid kicking kids out of class. Give us a listen!

#TooDope Students

Gerardo and Kevin sit down for a surprise episode! We sit with student activists who discuss the role of race and privilege in their school. These students, participating in an important program on social justice, recently completed a “social justice spirit week” to encourage their peers to step forward, raise their voices, and become agents of change. A can’t-miss episode!

Trump, the Police, and a Week in da Life

Gerardo and Kevin are back, with a full slate, including their work with the School Reform Initiative, what a Trump means for our students, colleagues, and fellow teachers of color, the school-to-prison pipeline as played out in disciplinary practices, and the daily comedy and inspiration that comes with being a #TooDopeTeacher.

Episode 2: Do All Students Prefer Teachers of Color?

Kevin and Gerardo discuss a recent study, which argues that students of all backgrounds prefer teachers of color. What are the implications for white teachers? What are the implications for teachers of color? What is it that makes students perceive teachers of color so positively? What are the implications for the education system as a whole?